Would you like to become a photographer or a Retoucher?

We offer courses for anyone who is interested in learning more about professional photography. We also offer photography retouching courses, as we’ve noticed that the demand for retouching photographs has been increasing over the past few years.

We  offer one on one courses, group courses and online courses. The reason why we offer 3 different options is because we want to make it easy for you to sign up and learn.

Ready to learn how to become a professional photographer? A professional retoucher? Ready to educate yourself so you can have the knowledge necessary to explore all the opportunities available to you? Signing up for one of our courses just may be the best investment you will ever make! 

Photography courses:

  • One on One Photo lessons - $2,999

This course option allows you to come into our photo studio so we can teach you everything you need to know about the world of taking professional photographs. You get a full week of training and experience, giving you the time needed to properly learn.

Once you graduate from the course, you’ll have all the skills necessary to succeed. We’ll even provide you with a professional portfolio to get you started.

  • Weekend intensive group photo course - $999

We hold an intensive professional photography course on the weekends, making it very convenient for people who work during the week. This particular course is held on Saturday and Sunday, with each day offering participants a full 8 hours of instruction. You’ll learn about camera settings, lighting techniques, posing, coaching and much more.

We’ll provide all of the equipment, as well as the models, so all you have to do is just show up on time. Lunch is included!

  • Online photography course - $299

We created one of the best online courses for photography, and are more than happy to share all of our secrets in details so you can feel confident about starting your very own photo business. Life time access, available worldwide.

Retouching courses:

  • One on One retouching lessons - $1,999

This course option allows you to come to our photo studio so we can teach you everything you need to know about professionally retouching photographs. And for a full week! We will teach you how to professionally retouch real pictures, giving you the experience you need to start your own professional retouching photograph business. Or any other venture you’re interested in further exploring.

When you choose this retouching course, we’ll help you create a website and a portfolio so you can launch your new business whenever you’re ready.

  • Weekend intensive retouching master course - $999

Work during the week and looking for a retouching course that takes place over the weekend? We offer this course the exactly for that reason! Signing up for this weekend retouching course requires you to attend both Saturday and Sunday, as we teach you everything you need to know over an 8 hour period each day.

  • Online retouching course - $299

Thinking about learning more about professional photography retouching from the comfort of your very own home? Now we can share all our secrets with you! Life time access, available worldwide.

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