Everyone is different, and every body is unique

Plus Size MODEL TEST Photoshoot PACKAGE #1

  • Model test photoshoot

  • Up to 1 hr shoot

  • 10 color corrected photos

  • 3 high end retouched photos

  • Professional makeup and hair

  • Model polaroids

  • In studio shoot

  • 1 outfit

  • Unlimited usage rights

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Plus Size MODEL TEST Photoshoot PACKAGE #2

  • Portfolio building photoshoot

  • Up to 3 hr shoot

  • 30 color corrected photos

  • 10 high end retouched photos

  • 3 Makeup and hair looks

  • 3 outfits

  • Model polaroids

  • Digital comp card

  • In studio shoot

  • Unlimited usage rights

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Plus Size MODEL TEST Photoshoot PACKAGE #3

  • Portfolio building photoshoot

  • Up to 8 hr shoot

  • 200 color corrected photos

  • 30 high end retouched photos

  • Unlimited makeup and hair looks

  • Model polaroids

  • 2 Digital comp cards

  • Wardrobe stylist

  • Models posing coach

  • In studio or on-location shoot

  • Unlimited usage rights

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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1 - Choose and purchase a package

2 - We'll contact you to confirm the shooting time / date

3 - get results in just 3-5 days, We'll send you a link to download digital files


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The positive impact that plus size models are currently making to the world of professional modeling is very exciting! As more companies use non-stereotypical models, more people are signing up to be a model.

More people are now seeing images of models that are similar to their own actual body type. This is why top model agencies have plus size models divisions, which are in high demand nowadays.

Why Plus Size Model Test shoot is slightly more expensive than a standard shoot?

We provide unparalleled attention to each and every plus-size model, it requires a unique wardrobe, style and guidance. We never compromise and do wherever it takes to deliver the best possible results so we don’t do just a regular photo shoot.


No phone calls or messages are required prior to booking the shoot with us

Everything you need is already included in each package. You can just purchase it through our website and consider it done.

Purchase one of our packages

We will contact you right away to schedule your photo shoot, depending on what date and time are more convenient for you. We will discuss all the requirements you might have before the shoot, we usually recommend to send us your mood board or sample photos you like the most from our website, so we can get a better understanding of your preferences (like outfits/makeup and hair).

Make a decision on what makeup, hair, outfit options you want to do

We have a team of professional makeup artists. But if you feel like you want to use your own makeup artist or do your own makeup yourself, it's not a problem. Just let us know. A few general tips regarding the outfits you're planning to bring for the shoot: make sure your clothes are pressed and clean, try new clothes on before photoshoot, do not wear baggy, bulky, saggy or otherwise ill-fitting clothing. What we recommend to bring for the test shoots:

  • Plain white/gray t-shirt

  • White classic shirt

  • Jeans, denim outfits

  • Plain one colored swimsuit or very minimalistic

  • Black shaped dress, or any dress that fits you well

  • Black tights/leggings

  • Blazer

  • Clothes that highlight your figure best

  • High heels shoes

We will send you a reminder

A day before the shoot we will send you a reminder and also provide you with the direct contact information of one of our photographers who will meet you in the studio. It is crucial you sleep well before the shoot, we don't recommend you have a sleepless night before the shoot or party hard. As you want to make sure you feel good and energized during the shoot.

Test Photo

We always do the test photo, before we start the shoot, so you can see it right away and decide on how you like makeup/hair and overall look.

Photo Editing Process

We will send you not only color photos but also black&white options and different crop versions.

The turnaround time

The turnaround time is usually 3-5 business days. But if you have a specific deadline, we can do it faster. Just let us know. After you get the photos and feel like you want to get more photo options, we can always send it to you. Not a problem!